“Tony Meale delivers an authentic, honest message to young people about his own experience as a sports journalist facing a challenging career choice. His journey is one that students can relate to and appreciate. In a word, he was a hit.”

– DR. ROBERT STEWART, Director, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University


“Tony Meale is a gifted writer and speaker. His presentations to our students about authoring and interviewing were filled with professional insight, practical advice, relatable anecdotes and compelling personal stories. Any aspiring journalist, author, writer or researcher will benefit from his discussions and find them informative and inspirational.”

– CHAD THOMAS, Director of Student Media, University of Texas at Dallas


“Tony’s presentation was thought-provoking, engaging and offered students a fresh set of insights. He hit a home run.”

– DR. JEFFREY BLEVINS, Director, Department of Journalism, University of Cincinnati


“In his undergrad days, Tony and I shared four demanding classes and two years of journalistic labor on our university's weekly student paper, for which I have been mentor and adviser since Nixon was president. Tony wrote for and ran the sports section, full steam ahead; and the color and flair that punctuated his stories then seem an obvious harbinger now of things to come.


Since those halcyon days, Tony has been busy – as I anticipated he would be. And his recent visit to my journalism class reminded me of his talent, his tenacity and his appreciation of the nuances and promise of our language – also evident in his post-baccalaureate sports reporting and in his sterling book, The Chosen Ones: The Team That Beat LeBron. Tony’s reliability, verve and imagination stood him in good stead, then, with both his peers and his professor. And his poise and comportment as a speaker in my class reminded me, anew, of those admirable traits: He fielded complex questions from the class with candor, wit and aplomb that belie his youth; and he punctuated his well-organized presentation with spontaneous, thoughtful discussions and colorful anecdotes. (He takes the craft of writing, but not himself, seriously.) And I look forward to an encore presentation, someday.


Personal note: Neither the department nor the university could rustle up even a small pittance for Tony's guest-lecture stipend. But he soldiered on, sharing his tales of adventure in the publishing and writing world, for my 75-minute class – gratis (save for a slightly cockamamie, souvenir tie, from his old professor) – because he is convivial, generous and a gentleman, which is to say: He's still Tony. He brings a formidable battery of experience to any endeavor – as guest lecturer, a panel member or a sturdy role model for aspiring young writers. And even if compared to the phalanxes of bright, promising students who have trooped through my classrooms for 35 years, Tony occupies a lofty spot among a rarified society. He is one of our university's best and brightest. I recommend him with enthusiasm and confidence.”

– DR. AVIS MEYER, Professor Emeritus and University News icon, Saint Louis University

What Students Say

“Thank you for coming to my class and speaking. You really helped me out. You gave great advice on how to ‘build your brand’ and reach out to others. You’re a fantastic example of where dedication can get a person. I will remember your lessons as I continue towards my own career. Once again, thank you.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed your message, and I feel as if I’ve been enriched more today than (during) my first few weeks (of college) combined. Your advice has given me a new light on how to accomplish my dreams, and I thank you for that.”


“I am one of the many journalism students you spoke to today. I’d like to say how much I enjoyed your presentation. It was extremely informative, and I appreciate you going out of your way to talk to us.”


“I was at your speech today and wanted to let you know that I have a tremendous amount of respect for your attitude and work ethic because I have (heard) a lot of ‘You aren’t good enough’ in my life that I have had to overcome. I would like to meet with you and possibly speak with you over the phone or email about my future plans in journalism. I was hoping to get advice from someone who clearly knows how to get it done.”


“I would like to give my personal thanks to you for coming to speak to our class today. It was extremely informative, and I probably gathered more useful tips and information relevant to my writing from you than any other speaker to date.”


“I attended your presentation today . . . (and) absolutely loved it. It was very inspiring and meaningful to me. Your story is very encouraging and it shows that you should never give up no matter how tough the road may be.”


“I would have (spoken to you after class), but your talk gave me so much to think about that I didn’t have any questions.”

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